Professional skin rejuvenation at home

The COLLAGEN Pro Beauty desktop unit has been designed specifically for home use. It allows the professional skin rejuvenation in the comfort of home and fits perfectly to the individual daily routine of each user.

What you need to know about collagen and hyaluron

Studies have shown that the body's own collagen production can be stimulated with red light. Treatment with the COLLAGEN Pro Beauty Light Wave Appliance in combination with the HYALURON Pro Beauty Fluid can rejuvenate the skin visibly and perceptibly.

COLLAGEN Pro Beauty emits red light waves of the ideal wavelength and thus activates the collagen synthesis in the skin. The HYALURON Pro Beauty Fluid potentiates the rejuvenation effect. The result is a firmer and tenser skin with reduced wrinkles, a smooth skin surface and a fresh, young appearance.

Tested and recommended by:
Dr. Med. Reinhardt Leitz, specialist for dermatology

"I am very much able to recommend the COLLAGEN Pro Beauty device for skin rejuvenation! Its red light waves stimulate the collagen synthesis in the skin and simultaneously channel the highly concentrated anti-aging active agent contained in the HYALURON Pro Beauty Fluid into the skin. This leads to a quickly perceptible vitalisation of the skin's appearance. A significant smoothing and tensioning of the skin and a reduction of wrinkles is the result. All of my test patients were delighted!"

Treatment effects

  • Professional skin rejuvenation at home
  • Visible anti-aging effect
  • Reduces wrinkles (face, decollete)
  • Improves skin tenseness and smoothness
  • Promotes fresh appearance of the skin
  • Stimulates the procollagen synthesis of the skin
  • Vitalises the skin, giving it a young appearance
  • Enhances the well-being
  • Relaxes body and soul
  • No side effects

Statements of users

Ms. Prce from Stuttgart, Germany:
"In my Frozen Yoghurt Shop people come up to me all the time and I receive an incredible amount of positive feedback, such as: «Hey, have you been on holiday; you look so fresh and relaxed?» Or: «What have you done to your forehead - you're not taking Botox, are you??»

Since I have been applying the two products, I have noticed an absolutely amazing change in myself. All in all, my appearance is fresher and my skin is smoother and feels soooo even. Now I am able to really compete with my frozen yoghurt in terms of freshness and smoothness...!! "


Ms. Dressler from Stuttgart, Germany:
"Absolutely stunning! My skin is totally fresh, smooth and radiant. My friend was astounded and asked me: «What has happened to you; your skin is gleaming?!» The circles under my eyes have disappeared. I no longer have to use concealer, something I previously had to use daily. Now I only require a little bit of powder, nothing more! The effect remains even several weeks after application."





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