Using the phototherapeutic effect of light on human health
and its positive effect on the healing process

The various spectra of UV light allow specific use in medical applications, especially in dermatology.

Phototherapy (light therapy) helps with various chronic skin diseases, such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, and helps affected people with the healing process, so that they appear free of the symptoms and regain some quality of life and well-being. Phototherapy is also an effective therapy for chronic itching, for the treatment of photodermatosis (photo-allergy) and of hypertension. The use of UV light to produce essential vitamin D3 is medically proven.

The spectrum and type of therapy are key

The different combinations of light spectrum and type of therapy assure scientifically proven results. Cosmedico specialises in the development and manufacture of UV light sources and offers a wide range of UV lamps and therapeutic UV devices in the medical sector.

The aim is to provide both these proven forms of therapy and the use of light sources fitting the therapeutic devices currently available on the market. With its innovative and efficiency-enhancing technologies, Cosmedico sees itself as a technical partner to dermatologists as well as patients. In doing so, Cosmedico meets high quality and safety requirements.

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