Technical details

IPL technology

The latest generation of IPL devices have demonstrated outstanding success in permanent hair removal in clinical studies and long-term tests compared to older generations of IPL and laser systems. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This pulsed light is generated using highly energetic xenon (a noble gas). Xenon has the characteristic of producing white, i.e. broadband, light that encompasses all wavelengths. By using special filters, the wavelengths of this "white light" are split into so-called wavelength windows or spectra. The pulsed light devices also have precisely definable parameter profiles of variable pulse duration and pulse sequence. This allows a wide range of treatments for permanent hair removal and skin treatments of all kinds.

IPL/RF technology

The combination of highly energetic light (IPL) with radio frequency current (RF) is setting new standards in the treatment of skin and hair. The natural pigment content plays a minor role in this high-performance therapy principle. The treatment of dark skin types or the removal of light, i.e. weakly pigmented and fine hairs is therefore more successful than ever. The procedure offers a wide range of applications and has an excellent success rate.

Sapphire applicator

The handpiece of all three devices is equipped with an applicator made from sapphire glass. This applicator directs the light pulse onto the skin. Sapphire glass, the diamond of glass, enables active skin cooling thanks to its enormous conductivity. This makes treatment of the various body areas with their respective levels of sensitivity not only gentler and more comfortable, but also more effective. The cooling protects the skin from overheating and optimises the penetration depth of the light energy into the skin's layers.

Interchangeable filter system

All three devices are equipped with the new interchangeable chipcard filter system. This system enables the treatment filter to be swapped out on the side of the device's handpiece. This does away with the need to change the entire handpiece, as was the case with older technologies. This saves a large amount of time and money. Thanks to the straightforward filter replacement, the wavelength spectra can be quickly adapted to the various treatments. The filters are roughly the size of a credit card. When cared for properly, they should last indefinitely.

Menu guidance and monitor

skinPULSE 500 is easily operated via a 6-inch dual-colour monitor with a strip of operating buttons. skinPULSE 700 and skinPULSE 900RF are each operated via an 8.4-inch multicolour touchscreen monitor with clear and self-explanatory menu guidance. Users can learn to operate the devices effectively, successfully and safely in a very short period of time. The basic equipment includes the operator guidance in 11 languages. Other languages can be added on request.

Multi-pulse mode

In the multi-pulse mode in the device menu the light pulses are devided into 1-10 distinct sub-pulses. The advantage of this is that the skin can cool off between the individual sub-pulses, while the temperature in the hair root almost stays constant. This converts more energy in the hair root while protecting the skin. The multipulse mode in combination with the active epidermal cooling allows higher energy settings compared to conventional IPL devices and delivers more efficient results.



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