IPL - Innovative Professional Light Therapy

IPL stands for "Intense Pulsed Light". IPL, broadband light that encompasses all wavelengths, is successfully applied in the advanced light therapy. Cosmedico Medical Systems is your competent partner for cosmetic devices with state-of-the-art IPL or IPL/RF technology for the following applications:

  • Permanent hair removal
  • Cosmetic skin treatments
    • Treatment of facial erythrosis, spider veins and rosacea
    • Skin condition improvement, lines treatment
    • Elimination of pigment disorders
    • Acne treatment

Our IPL & IPL/RF device range

The range of appliances from Cosmedico Medical Systems comprises innovative therapy devices for a wide range of applications and guarantees the greatest possible success with the treatments named above. All devices - from entry-level to professional model - feature the IPL technology. Our high-performance device skinPULSE 900 RF combines highly energetic light (IPL) with radio frequency current (RF).

Watch IPL Video (Duration: 4:31 min)

Further information on our IPL and IPL/RF device range: