skinPULSE 700
IPL standalone device

The technically refined skinPULSE 700 is a flexible standalone device on casters, which enables a large radius of movement during the treatment. It is suitable for day-to-day use and ideal as an upgrade for an existing treatment room. The device is also ideal for people who specialise in and would like to go into business for themselves in the area of permanent hair removal and cosmetic skin treatment. It is also available in a desktop version.

Simple operator guidance via 8.4-inch multicolour touchscreen monitor. Five interchangeable chipcard filters for permanent hair removal and various skin treatments. One to fifteen-fold subdivision of the light pulse. Choose between Simple or Professional mode. Active epidermis cooling adjustable from -4° C to +10° C.

Technical data

Device type
Light source
Active skin cooling
Spectrum of wavelengths
Wavelength adjustment
Multi-pulse mode IPL
IPL speed pulse
IPL pulse duration
IPL pulse pause
IPL power
Treatment area
Size (LxWxH)
Lamp service life
Device cooling
skinPULSE 700
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
Xenon lamp
from -4°C to +10°C adjustable
410 – 950 nm
5 interchangeable chipcard filters
1 to 15-fold pulse
pulse repetition from 1.5 sec.
1 – 15 ms
5 – 50 ms
10 – 60 J/cm2
12 x 35 mm
64 x 57 x 125 cm
50.000 pulses
8.4-inch multicolour touchscreen monitor
thermo-elec./dist. water/ventilation
37 kg

Interchangeable filters
420 – 950 nm acne treatment (opt.)
480 – 950 nm acne treatment of dark skin types (optional)
510 – 950 nm pigment disorders, age spots
560 – 950 nm skin condition improvement, lines treatment
585 – 950 nm facial erythrosis, spider veins, rosacea (optional)
610 – 950 nm permanent hair removal fair skin types, facial erythrosis, spider veins, rosacea
640 – 950 nm permanent hair removal for medium-coloured skin types
690 – 950 nm permanent hair removal for dark skin types (optional)
Scope of delivery
1 x IPL device skinPULSE 700
1 x handpiece incl. 5 interchangeable chipcard fi lters
2 x protective goggles
1 x operating manual
1 x treatment manual
1) English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, German, Arabic, Turkish, Greek


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