Cosmedico Accessories

Cosmedico offers various accessories in addition to the UV lamps and phototherapy devices.

Cosmedico UV Meter UVM-7

UV meter for measuring the absolute physical lamp output (within range of 280 nm to 400 nm) of Cosmedico UV radiation sources:

  • a total of 7 spectra can be measured
  • handy and easy to use
  • for professional use only
Designation Type Item No.
UV Meter biologicalcontrolled by dose807 110 1000
UV Meter physicaltime controlled807 110 1010


Cosmedico starters

As an accessory for UV low-pressure lamps.

We recommend the use of conventional starters for the operation of UVA lamps and electronic starters for UVB lamps. This will ensure that the lamps ignite stably and failure-free.

Exception: Cosmedico ARIMED 311 100W (Item No. 100 510 3111) should be operated with conventional starters.

Designation Type Suitable for Item No.
Starter COS 100 HV
25W - 100W strip lamp,
two-pin holder
100 310 0100
Starter COS 160
80W - 160W strip lamp,
two-pin holder
100 300 0120
15W - 225W strip lamp,
two-pin holder
100 310 0200

Starters for other types of lamp on request.

Cosmedico safety goggles

Medical treatment with UV light or infrared (IR) radiation requires special safety goggles to be worn in order to prevent irreparable and chronic eye damage. Cosmedico supplies safety goggles for patients and for the personnel carrying out the treatment.

Safety goggles for UV phototherapy

UV safety goggles for patients (with rubber strap)Art. Nr. 100 704 0000
UV safety goggles for personnelArt. Nr. 100 706 1000
UV safety goggles for technicansArt. Nr. 100 706 1050